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Friday, 13 June 2014


Small Grants Scheme - Frequently asked questions


Q1. Can the Small Grant be used for putting up infrastructure?

No. There are many other grants which facilitate such initiatives, and $AU5000 is not a significant enough figure to undertake an infrastructure project of any real size or significance.

Q2. Can the Small Grant be used for purchasing equipment; for example, a dialysis machine for a hospital in some rural area?

The Grant may be used for purchasing such equipment only if the proposal clearly states a monitoring mechanism to determine whether the equipment is being used resourcefully for the proposed development activity.

Q3. Can the Small Grants be used for printing and circulating publications aimed at developing community awareness?

Yes. However, it has to be shown that the publication is actually required for a targeted community awareness campaign and is not simply showcasing the work done by an alumnus.

Q4. Can the Small Grant be used for paying resource persons required for workshops/seminars/research etc.?

Yes. Payments to Pakistani national resource persons required for the effective delivery of the proposed development activity are allowed. However, payments to international resource persons cannot be made unless he/she is willing to charge national rates to the consultants and bear his/her own boarding and lodging costs.

Q5. Will the Small grant cover miscellaneous expenses incurred by the alumnus?

Yes. Alumnus may incorporate his/her travelling/rentals, photocopying etc. costs in the budget of the proposed activity. These expenses should not exceed the amount allotted for executing the proposed development activity.

Q6. Will there be more grants in future?

Yes. As this is the pilot phase (May 2014 – Dec 2014) only one grant will be awarded. The results of the pilot activity will be analysed and the number of grants may be more in the next cycle depending on the number and quality of proposals received.

Q7. Will our proposal be discarded if it is accepted in the cycle in which it was submitted?

No. Good quality proposals received in a cycle may be considered in the next cycle. However, they will not automatically be reconsidered; rather the author must state a desire to be considered in future rounds.