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Australia Awards Scholarships - for study commencing in 2019

Applications for Australia Awards Scholarships commencing in January 2019 will open on 1 February 2018 and close 30 April 2018. Information regarding eligibility and the application process will soon be available on this webpage.

Before submitting an application for an Australia Awards Scholarship, applicants MUST read both the Scholarships Policy Handbook and the Maldives Country Profile.
All details about Australia Awards Scholarships are contained in the Handbook. Maldives-specific information is contained in the Country Profile.

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Social Inclusion

Can persons with disability (PWDs) apply?

Yes. Applications from eligible PWDs are highly encouraged. 

What are “reasonable adjustments”?

Reasonable adjustments are measures which an education provider is required to make to ensure students with a disability can meet the academic standards of their course of study and participate on the same basis as students without a disability. Reasonable adjustments might include changes to the way a person enrols in a course, alterations to the physical environment and other facilities, and changes to the way training is delivered and skills are assessed.

PWD awardees are assessed and provided reasonable adjustments to ensure that they succeed in their award. 

Are women prioritised in the selection process?

At least 50 percent of the awards will be given to qualified women applicants.


Q: What does the award provide?

The Awards are offered for the minimum period necessary for the individual to complete the academic program specified by the Australian higher education institution, including any preparatory training.  For June 2017 Intake this will be up to a maximum of two years.

Q: Can I bring my family to Australia during my scholarship?

Yes. Awardees can bring their spouse and children to Australia during the scholarship period. However, it is recommended that the awardees take their dependents six months after they arrive in Australia.  It is also recommended for applicants to declare their intention to bring their family with them to Australia in the application form. Declaring this information will not affect the outcome of their application.

Details about Australia Awards Scholarships for study commencing in 2019

What awards are available for study commencing in 2019?

Only Masters Degrees - ranging from 12 to 24 months – will be supported.

All provisional awardees will be subjected to recognition of prior learning (RPL) or advanced standing reviews by the relevant Australian Higher Education Institutions. The results of the review will determine the length of the Masters Degree that will be offered to the awardee.

Who can apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship, for study commencing in 2019?

For study commencing in 2019, applications will be accepted from the following groups:

Group 1:  Government of Bangladesh officials, limited to Bangladesh cadre officials, officers of the Bangladesh Bank and Judicial Service officials

Group 2:  workers from development organisations, specifically non-government organisations (for example BRAC), civil society organisations, community-based organisations, and international development agencies (for example United Nations agencies)

Group 3:  employees of private sector organisations

Group 4:  those coming from the academia, research institutions (for example icddr,b), media and cultural organisations (for example historical museums)

What fields of study are available?

For study commencing in 2019, only Masters-level study in the following fields will be supported:

Priority Areas Fields of Study (For example)
Development, Governance, Environment / Sustainability Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction
Public Health
Water Resources Management
Public Policy-related Public Administration
Public Finance
Public Sector Accounting
Science and Engineering Energy
Technology Management
Security Studies Counter-Terrorism
Sports and Arts (limited to Fashion, Film, Screen and Music) Fashion Design
Film, Multimedia Arts
Sports Management
Trade International Trade and Development