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Australia Awards – Intake 2017

Australia Awards Scholarships(AAS) 2017 intake is now closed.

Australia Awards Pakistan office services

The Australia Awards Pakistan office provides the following support services to shortlisted applicants and participating organisations:

  • Advice on appropriate fields of study, course selection and future career development through an Academic Advisor, after final selection. 

  • Candidate selection and university placement processing: This includes short-listing, interviews, academic advice, and placement at the Australian university. 

  • Visa processing: This involves working with staff from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and the relevant in-country Visa support provider and systems, making suitable arrangements to facilitate the efficient and timely processing of all Australia Awards visa applications. 

  • Pre-Departure preparation and in-Australia support: These include flight booking, pre-departure briefing session to ensure a smooth transition for each scholar to living and studying in Australia. 

  • Reintegration planning: This involves facilitating the development of a reintegration plan between the awardees and their employers. This is to assist returned scholars with the re-integration back into their workplaces. 

  • Supporting returned scholars: Facilitation is provided to returned scholars to become members of the Alumni Network. 

  • Monitoring and evaluation: This includes conducting regular tracer studies and monitoring and evaluation studies to inform stakeholders of the impact and consequences that scholars have contributed to their particular fields, organisations, institutions or groups. For this, all returned scholarship awardees are encouraged to register themselves on the Alumni Registration portal.