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Key application dates

Opening date for nominations: 9th April 2016
Closing date for nominations: 23rd April 2016


Australia Awards South and West Asia: Short Course Awards 2016

Australia Awards South and West Asia (AASWA)

Australia’s international development assistance program in Pakistan aims to work with the Government of Pakistan towards a stable, secure, democratic country through broad-based social and economic development and poverty reduction.

The AASWA program is aligned with Australia’s development assistance in Pakistan, targeting human resource gaps in identified priority sectors/fields.  It aims to provide recipients with the skills and knowledge to drive change and influence economic and social development.

Short Course Awards 2016

Short Course Awards fall under the banner of Australia Awards and provide opportunities of formal study or training of generally less than three months and no more than five months in duration.
These award opportunities are highly targeted and are offered to qualified Pakistani nationals working in identified priority fields.

The focus of the short course in 2016 is to enhance the capacity of middle to senior level public servants managing the Parliamentary Committees of Pakistan’s National and Provincial Assemblies. The short course titled Effective and Efficient Management of Parliamentary Committees will be held in Australia between May and June 2016 for a period of three weeks. Course details are available on the website below