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SLAAAA History

The official launch of the Association was held at Galadari Hotel on 14 January last year with the aim of building a self-motivated, self-directed and self-sustaining Alumni Association in Sri Lanka. An adhoc Coordination Committee was established at that meeting.

The role of the Coordination Committee was:

  • to act as an initial representative group to advance the interests of all the Alumni
  • to start the process of legally establishing the Alumni Association

The Articles of Association were finalised incorporating legal advice to ensure that it includes all the necessary provisions and complies with local law.  It has not been possible to seek everyone’s views on the contents of the Constitution because of the challenges of reaching consensus when a very broad group of people are involved but we are confident that you will find that the Constitution contains appropriate vision, mission and objectives and governance measures.  The Executive Committee, once elected, can consider any suggested amendments to be put to the members in a future meeting.

As a result of the work by the Coordination Committee over the past year, we are now in a position to hold the Pre incorporation meeting of the Association to:

  • formally establish the Association
  • approve the Articles of Association
  • elect the Executive Committee
  • approve the initial annual membership fee

You can now download a copy of the proposed Articles of Association to be adopted at the pre incorporation meeting scheduled for 28 August 2014. If you would like to attend this meeting, please complete the Membership Application Form on this website.

Our activities to Date:

  1. Inaugural meeting (view pictures)
    • 14 Jan 2013 – Galadari Hotel
    • Alumni selected a Core Group from amongst themselves- a group that is willing and flexible to contribute their time, are enthusiastic, able to motivate and engage with other alumni
    • This coordinating group would start the process of establishing a formal alumni association
    • Summary of ideas from Inaugural Meeting
      • Promote AusAID scholarships for young professionals
      • Network with South Asian and other alumni associations
      • Alumni as a resource for development programs
      • Professional development
      • Develop the alumni database
      • Organize social events
      • Mentor/assist new awardees
      • Promote a research culture
      • Social/charity work
  2. 1st Meeting of Core Group (view pictures)
    • 27 Feb 2013 - Hotel Renuka
    • 2 Subcommittees formed:
      1. To formalize Alumni Association
      2. To help improve English Language
  3. In March 2013 the Alumni core group gets their own conference room at the Australia Awards Office down Kirula Road & hold meetings every month
  4. Alumni Facebook page launched:
  5. Alumni Website more active than ever:
  6. Mission, vision & objectives – agreed to at a brain storming session of the core group, facilitated by an independent consultant
  7. Daily News & Sunday Observer carried articles about the Alumni Association & their activities
  8. Welcome back event – Down Under 2013 (view pictures)
    • 15 Sept 2013 – SLIDA.
    • First event organized by the Core group
    • A social event to welcome home Australia Award’s newest graduates to their alumni family in Sri Lanka
    • To reconnect with old friends& get to know new ones through fun games
    • To bring your family along& keep the kids occupied with some exciting activities
    • Number of members of Alumni Association doubled after the event
  9. Networking opportunities (view pictures)
    • 28 June 2013 – Galadari Hotel: Dinner meeting with the Intake 2014 Australia Awards Scholarships interview panel
    • Nov 2013: Meeting with the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon Julie Bishop MP (view pictures)
  10. Mentoring: 22 Nov 2013 - Pre-departure briefing (view pictures)
  11. Farewell Cocktail event (view pictures)
    • Held Thur 5 Dec 2013 at Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo
    • 150 alumni participated (alumni of Australia Awards Scholarships, Australia Awards Fellowships and Endeavour awards  and new Australia Awards Scholarship recipients).
    • Minister of External Affairs (Chief Guest), Cabinet Ministers, Senior GOSL officials and distinguished Australia Awards alumni were also present